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Contact Lenses

Can I wear Contact Lenses?


Modern technological advances mean that the contact lens options available to you now are vast and varied. New developments in their design and materials make them very comfortable, convenient to use and affordable.

Contact lenses offer a convenient alternative to spectacles for occasional or everyday use helping people of all ages to see clearly.

We provide contact lens trials so that you can try out contact lenses an find the perfect feel-good solution for you.

What are the different options available at Optika Opticians?

Soft Disposable:

Available as 1 day, 2 weekly and monthly disposable lenses. To be worn during the day and removed overnight


Gas Permeable:

Very durable lenses and a healthy replacement to the original ‘hard’ design


Silicone Hydrogels:

Soft lenses which can be worn for longer allowing more oxygen delivery to the eyes on a daily wear basis or can be worn overnight for up to 30 days continuous wear


Toric lenses:

To correct astigmatic errors, now available in 1 day, 2 weekly and Monthly forms, as well as Gas Permeable


Multifocal lenses:

For those who need different distance and near vision corrections


MiSight lenses:

MiSight daily disposable contact lenses not only optically correct existing myopia, giving clear distance and near vision, but MiSight has also been proven to slow the progression of myopia in most children.

What does a Contact Lens Trial involve at Optika Opticians?

1 Initial assessment appointment

  • We’ll discuss your lifestyle and help to choose the contact lenses that are right for you.

  • Examination of the ocular surface and lids

  • Assessment of the tear film

  • Discussion of appropriate lens types according to results of the above

  • Application of trial lenses to assess immediate tolerance (occasionally this may need to be booked as a separate appointment if trial lenses need to be specially ordered)

  • Vision assessment with lenses

  • Fit assessment


2-Contact Lens handling lesson

  • Teaching session with a qualified member of staff lasting approx 20-40 minutes

  • Lens insertion and removal technique

  • Wearing instructions/lens care/cleaning where necessary

  • Solutions and hygiene advice

  • Contact lens ‘do’s and donts’

  • Trial pack of lenses to take away to be worn in your own environment and a trial pack of solutions where necessary


3-Follow-up appointment

  • Lenses need to be worn to this appointment (please wear at least 2 hours before attending)

  • Review of fit and vision, refinement where necessary

  • If any changes are made a further appointment may be necessary, which will be covered by the fee paid at the first appointment


At the end of this consultation period, we will discuss whether you want to take advantage our monthly direct debit scheme offering discounts on both contact lenses and spectacles and covers all future contact lens aftercare appointments.


The cost of a contact lens assessment covers all of the above including the trial lenses supplied.


We can deliver your contact lens order to your home address for added convenience.

If your child wants contact lenses or if you feel it may be a suitable choice for them, we’ll happily discuss that with you, too. Contact lens technology has changed so much in recent years, there is something to suit almost anyone.

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