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Retinal Imaging

Our Investment in Your Health

As part of our commitment to give you the best eye care, we have invested over £40K in a state of the art OCT-3D Eye Scanner. This allows us to detect eye diseases at the earliest possible stage and it offers you the opportunity to have the most high-tech advanced eye examination on the high street!

Our 3D OCT Scanner and how it works

Our 3D OCT eye scanner uses a low powered light to scan the back of your eye. During your normal eye examination, your optometrist can only see the top layer of your retina. The 3D OCT scan allows viewing of the deeper layers of retinal tissues. It is in these deeper layers that the signs of macula degeneration, diabetes, macula holes etc. can be first seen. The 3D OCT scan allows for early detection and therefore earlier treatment of these conditions (where appropriate). This 3D OCT scan is appropriate at any age if recommended by your optometrist at Optika Opticians.

The detection of certain conditions including Glaucoma, Diabetes, Hypertension and Age-related Macular Degeneration to name a few, can be made easily and at an earlier stage. This will limit any unnecessary loss of vision.

The optometrist takes time to show and explain the images taken of the back of your eyes to you. We feel this will give you a better understanding of the health of your eyes.

The images taken are stored and can be recalled, therefore enabling the optometrist to compare these from one visit to the next, allowing even the most subtle changes to be detected, aiding in early diagnosis.

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